May 272010

Getting a hair cut! Ligers! Killer Lawnmowers!

  4 Responses to “Episode Twenty Five-Trevor Talks it Through”

  1. Just sat down an listened to you most recent episode of “trevor talks it through.” As usual, I am impressed. And also as usual, my wife will hate you because you inspire the side of me that embarrasses her. You said, “send me your questions” Here is my question.
    “Where do you record these sessions?” I often imagine you sitting in the spare bedroom of your multi-million dollar mansion high on some cliff with a microphone plugged into your home computer with a can of peanuts and a glass of water on the desk next to you. This is what I would do if we didn’t live in a one-room 427sq ft basement suite best described as a wine cellar. Please, give me an idea of how to set up something like you have so that I can do what you do and put you out of business.


  2. Howdy doo,

    Hope all’s super dopper with you and this post finds you in good health and spirits.

    Just wondering if there’ll be another podcast? As a recent subcriber to the greatness of Trevor Strong I’m worried I’ve missed the boat.

    Tell me I don’t have to get a Facebook account to follow your antics (social networking is a wee to time consuming for someone so non-commital).

    As a side, do you and the troops have any plans to come entertain your fans & friends in the UK?

    Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Make another one you are so funny! Also my question is this: You know that song by “Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie” The Arrogant Worms always get credited for: “The Toronto Song” do you like it?

  4. “sigh” Is there ever gonna be an episode twenty six? Life just seems so empty without your wisdom :)

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