Apr 282010

Episode Twenty Three! Behind on my sleep! Alleged Alliteration! Gunter the Mountain Clown!

  5 Responses to “Episode Twenty Three-Trevor Talks it Through”

  1. Gunter is a great sing-along song!

  2. Trevor Talks it through on video would make me very very happy.
    Especially if you do your hair like you did for “Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah”.
    That would just make life that much happier!

  3. Gunter is not either too stupid to do. It’s very cute!
    A problem with doing a podcast on Youtube, though, might be that you have to wear clothes.

  4. Life on the road’s hot and cold, isn’t it? A bit like a big tart with ice cream…
    I can’t get sleep on a vehicle… any vehicle… even overseas airplanes.
    I’ve got a question, what was your favourite place you ever did a show? Beyond

  5. Sorry, I guess those pointy brackets aren’t allowed… “insert your town name here”?

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