Hi, I’m Trevor. Thanks for dropping by.

This place is basically an extension of my brain… although I’ve tried to keep all the scary stuff in my own brain, shoved deep, deep, down, so you should be pretty safe here. I write songs, poems, rants, sayings, and even blog posts. To see this go to “stuff from my head.” I’ve also written three books, which you should most definitely read.

As a side business I write custom songs for people. You almost certainly need one.

Oh, and I’m in a group called “The Arrogant Worms” that has its very own website.

I’m just in the process of setting things up right now, so it’s a little empty at the moment, but I’ll be filling it up as quickly as possible.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


When did poems stop rhyming?

When did poems stop rhyming? I mean, I know most people don’t go looking for poems anymore, but when you do see one that’s been written in the past fifty years—maybe you knocked over a shelf in the library and fell face-first into an open page of poetry, or perhaps a poet pinned you to […]

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Without dreams there are no disappointments

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“Help Me!” He Yelled Resonantly

Perhaps you have heard the saying To every cat there is a poodle Or perhaps not Because I just made it up Pretty good, eh? For me, anyway Well, what have you got? I challenge you to make up something nearly as witty And pithy And vibrant And resonant –that’s a good word, isn’t it? […]

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