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Hi, I’m Trevor.
You are now in my brain. Enjoy the open space.
While you’re here, why not take a look around?  Don’t say you’re too busy… you’re already on the internet.
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The Small Rodent that Powers the Wheel of Your Mind

Help keep comedy (and me!) alive. Toss a little something in the case. Even better, become one of my Patrons and join my fight against seriousness.  

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Meet the New Bossdroid

He was a captain of industry In meaningful trousers And an upright shirt There to bring efficiency To an inefficient land The people hated him Which was fine Because to him they were not people How could they be? In their unfocussed jeans And floppy shirts He fired them all And replaced them with robots […]

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If You Wanna Write a Pop Song

This song came out of the songwriting classes I give. The students are surprised when I tell them that proper grammar and standard word use is not necessary in songwriting, and quite possibly a liability. And, when I find them stuck on trying to make the lyrics of their chorus sufficiently profound, I remind them […]

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